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Logo Design

Micro Media Marketing is an expert logo design company having its base in Navi Mumbai, India. We are the experts in producing reasonably priced custom business logo designs for new ventures to established organizations. Our designing process has been tactically and quite strategically developed for the purpose of producing pleasing, attractive and tempting logos that will provide your business quick recognition.

Wire frame Design

Wireframes are significant design tools which are used in web development. It is basically an image and visualization tool meant for the purpose of presenting planned structure, functions and content of a website or a web page. A website wireframe actually performs the process of separating graphic and functional elements of a website in such a manner that Web teams can extremely easily elucidate how users will interact with the website.

Prototype Design

A website prototype is a functioning model of a new website prior to final design and development. The website prototype must be corresponding to the website experience. A prototype design can be utilized by developers for receiving feedback and making changes to the design accordingly. This is something which enables the developer for designing the website interface from a visual design perspective.

Layout Design

Layout design or graphic design is something which has creative connotation and involves a client and a designer who try to work together in such a way that they are able to convey a specific message to a specific targeted audience. We are the ones who can create extremely creative and eye popping web layouts which have unique design. We always help our clients when it comes to creation of an excellent web graphic layout or a design.

Other Services

  • Responsive Design

  • Banner Design

  • Brochure Design