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Dr. P. Sekhar

Sekharis a respected development thinker and an author of well-documented series of 60 plus books on Secured Techno-Economic National Growth. These books have looked at different Indian states, what they have and what they need; and different growth oriented sectors such as Highways, Railways, Industry, Tourism, Sports, Agriculture, Education, Power, Healthcare and so on, to assess their potential and what is required. The path breaking concept of 'Secured Governance” developed by him offers a series of recommendations on various aspects of multi-sectorial growth in India to meet the challenges of the 21st century. He talks of extraordinary techno-economic growth with minimum governmental investment.His enthusiasm to promote this idea driven by a dream of holistic development in the country and a conviction that the country's potential is grossly underutilized and these needs to change.

His concept has garnered great amount of interest and appreciation both among the who's who of the country and the intelligentsia. Luminaries in their respective fields be it political heads, bureaucrats, or icons in Industry, have responded positively to the idea seeing it as a means to address many of the problems we face in contemporary times. None other than Sh. Narendra Modi has applauded him for this unique idea that has attracted interest across borders too, catching the attention of nations like USA, UAE, etc.

He has spent over four decades in R&D based technologies and related human and national development initiatives. Credited with having laid the foundation of first Software Technology Park in India, Dr. Sekhar owns a range of intellectual property rights and has been a leading campaigner to focus on access to technology as the key to social change.

He holds a Master's Degree in Science with a doctorate in Solid State Electronics and Nuclear Physics. He has been associated with various Indian Universities and Educational Institutions. He is also assisting various industries to efficiently use latest innovative technologies along with various funding support so as to immensely contribute to the new Smart Cities initiative undertaken by the government

He has had the opportunity to present his papers in many international and domestic forums including global leadership program UK on various topics like smart cities, blue economy and concept of secured governance.